Very impressive customer service! Customers response

Thanks for that.

Very impressive customer service!

The support I get from has been phenomenal !!!!

I initially found through the website because I was looking for an app which could help me understand Calculus equation better.

I initially bought the Calculus made easy 2 years ago and was just very fascinated how much this app helped me understand calculus problems better. If it wouldn’t have been for Calculus Made Easy I probably would have never passed Calculus I and II. Everything was very detailed and laid out in steps which makes it easy to follow.

Now several years later I own 5 of the TI89 apps apps made easy and I couldn’t be happier.

Statistics & Probability has been one of the hardest classes so far for me and I wished I would have bought the app sooner because it definitely helps seeing the equations before solving it.

The support I get from has been phenomenal and I am never left in the dark with help in regards to questions.

Thanks so much for the support and developing this app because if it wouldn’t have been for I probably would have struggled through most of my math studies.


TI89 Titanium Cheat Sheets , Shortcut Keys, Custom Menus and Rename Programs – Nifty things for savvy TI89 user

We have listed the following useful information at :

TI89 Cheat Sheets

Shortcut Keys

Custom Menus

Rename Programs

This is a MUST KNOW for every savvy TI89 user: Learn how to use the TI89 efficiently by pressing the right buttons without searching. Did you know you can actually easily create you own custom menus that allow you to access common commands at a heart beat? Lastly, who does not love shortcuts? Do you know how to darken the screen? Do you know how to get a a factorial symbol or how to get decimal answers quickly? Well it is all laid out right here:





How to Connect a Ti89 Calculator to Mac Computers using TI-Connect v4.1

Here is a proven way for those of you that struggle to connect your Ti89 calculator to a MAC computer.

This is what you need to do to get connected:

  1. Uninstall TI Connect v4.0 if installed.
  2. Download and Install TI Connect version 4.1  : . Beware: this link immediately downloads the .dmg file to your MAC, there is no webpage loading. Note: that download link may change if TI places the link on a webpage instead.
  3. Make sure that you do not have a USB cable connected to your computer WHILE installing TI Connect.
  4. If Ti89 is not recognized by your MAC: restart the MAC, try the other USB ports, have patience as drivers may take time to load. Listen carefully for sounds signaling successful driver installation.

Please find further information on troubleshooting connectivity issues here:

Dont forget TI’s contacts: 1800-TICARES  and – very friendly and helpful reps.


Laplace Transform Information using TI89’s Differential Equations Made Easy

  1. To find the Laplace Transform of a piecewise defined function , select Laplace Transform in the Main Menu, next select option3 “Piecewise defined function” in the dropdown menu as shown below:

Next, enter the two pieces/functions as shown below.
c is the breakpoint.

2) To SOLVE a Differential Equation using LaPlace Tranforms such as

y”+2y’+y=0 with Initial Conditions y(0)=1 and y'(0)=1

Select “Solve Diff Eqns using LaPlace Transforms” in the Main menu and enter as follows:


Steps are shown until final answer is derived.

Not only are these apps a life saver but when I had a question regarding downloading the apps, the costumer service was even more impressive – I just got a 100 on my linear algebra test using this app!

I downloaded linear algebra and the physics made easy apps and I love them both !!!!!
They are incredibly user friendly and helped me a ton, I just got a 100 on my linear algebra test using this app!
Not only are these apps a life saver but when I had a question regarding downloading the apps, the costumer  service  was even more impressive.
They answered me within minutes, were friendly and so helpful.
I have tried other apps before and had multiple complications with getting the apps to work and when I emailed no one was there to answer or care.
There is no other website or apps  that can even come close to and,  they are truly unique.
Thank you : you’re amazing
From your new loyal customer,

Balancing a chemical equation using the TInspire CAS CX and the Chemistry Made Easy app – step by step

Here is a solved example:

When balancing the chemical equation: Fe2S3+O2=Fe2O3+SO2

The setup is a_*Fe2S3+b_*O2=c_*Fe2O3+d_*SO2

or : a_*(2Fe+3S)+b_*(2O)=c_*(2Fe+3O)+d_*(1S+2O)

This sets up : 2*a_=2*c_ and 3*a_=d_ and 2*b_=3*c_+2*d_

which has the solution : {a_,b_,c_,d_}={2,9,2,6}

Thus, 2*Fe2S3+9*O2=2*Fe2O3+6*SO2

The customer service at CME is fantastic and The Riemann sum section is especially good.

The customer service at is fantastic, they replied in a very timely manner. This kind of service is rare.

I am using the Calculus Made Easy app

I use the app a great deal in checking work and to perform investigations.

The Riemann sum section is especially good.

Love the TI89 Physics & Differential Equations Made Easy Apps PLUS: Outstanding Customer Service

I originally found the website by surfing the web trying to find ways to help with my physics class.

After downloading my first app I loved it!

Helped in so many ways especially when they do step by step.

I downloaded my second app a year later taking my differential equation class. It easily helped me understand the class and the equations being used.

What is even more outstanding is the customer service.

Quick response and help whenever needed.

Highly recommend these apps at to anyone needing a little help with classes and a efficient tool to succeed!

Chemistry App for the TiNspire CX CAS at has been updated : Bases, Acids, Equilibrium, Dissociation Constant, Valence Electrons

It seems that the Stoichiometry section of our Step by Step Chemistry App has doubled over the last few months, lots of new computational Chemistry has been added. Find app updates below:

– Valence Electrons of Atoms and Molecules
– Equilibrium Constant Kc
– Equilibrium Composition
– Kp = Kc*(RT)^n
– Equilibrium of weak bases
– Equilibrium of weak acids
-%-Dissociation and Dissociation Constant K ,
– Find pOH and PH of Bases.
– Improved Gas Laws
– Improved Step by Step Equation Balancer
– Mole <-> Mass Converters
– Rydberg Formulas

Calculus Made Easy App for the TiNspire CX CAS at has been updated : Newton law of Cooling, Parametric Eqns, Root Test , etc

We love Calculus and enjoyed implementing the following updates:

– Differential Equations: Eulers Method, Newton Law of Cooling, Radioactive decay -Parametric Equations : given Velocity v(t) find Tangentline, Curve Length, etc – Convergence Test: The Root Test was added
– Further improvements to Step by Step L’hopital Rule, Limits and Step by Step Integration were made

The most prestigious apps + first rate customer support = absolute primo @ Smartsoft/ tinspireapps/ ti89apps/

Has anyone ever told you how awesome you are?

This is really cool!!

thank you…

The most prestigious apps + first rate customer support = absolute primo
@ Smartsoft/ tinspireapps/ ti89apps/
That’s not calculus but it’s an equation that can be proved!!!!