Attention! Comprehensive Review on doing Integrals, Volume, Work, Series & ConvergenceTests using Calculus Made Easy

My name is Tex, and I had this wonderful app for my Calculus 2 class. If you’re in that class and want to know more about what this app can do, keep reading.

Calculus 2 is broken up into three main categories: Integrals, Volume/Work related problems, and Summations.

For Integrals, this app is unlike any other I’ve used – including many iPhone apps. It’ll nearly never fail to solve an integral.
It’ll comprehensively go over every step, and it even offers some explanations and formulas on the theorems applied.

All in all, the app worked remarkably for anything to do with integrals.

With regard to Work/Volume related problems, this app, again, won’t fail you. It will solve and show steps for any volume problem you throw at it if you can figure out the line(s) and axis upon which the line(s) revolve(s) on. Work related problems are a bit trickier, but they always trickle down to a more complex Volumes problem. Since work related problems are always long word problems, of course the app won’t be able to do it all for you immediately; you must break down the problem, find the components that you need, and the app can do the rest. Easy and quick.

With regard to Summations and Series, amazingly, again, this app won’t fail you.

There isn’t a single standard Calc 2 Summation-Test this app doesn’t know. You simply enter the summation, and then you run it through several tests, and the app will tell you whether it fails or passes.

For nearly all tests, like the Geometric Series Test, Ratio Test, Root Test, Alternating Test, etc, the app will show steps to how it solved the problem. Sometimes for the Ratio/Root test, it will not give you step by step and you will have to use the “limits” step by step calculator they have on the app.

The app will tell you which test to use for convergence/divergence, and it won’t fail.

I aced both my first and second tests, and my final, because of this app- hands down.

This app even has comprehensive step-by-step solutions for Interval of Convergence problems.

There are many, many other applications on this app, but I reviewed the ones you will be using most frequently. It’s understandable if you don’t understand everything on this review,

but when you get to them, you will wish you had this app if you didn’t!

So make sure you get yourself a copy – it’s damn worth it, and pretty cheap.

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