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Lagrange Multiplier using the TI89

When asked to apply the Lagrange Multiplier method it is time to pull out your trusty TI89 , open Calculus Made Easy (download www.TI89.com) , go to Multivariable Calculus under F6 3 , there select Lagrange Multiplier under F3 E . Enter Lagrange Multiplier problems as follow Just leave the box for the 2. constraint… (read more)

Runge Kutta 2. order using the Ti89

Say you have use the Runge Kutta-4 (RK4) Method to solve a 2. order Differential Equation such as : y”+5y’+y=Sin(x) y'(0)=-1 y(0)=1 h=.5 solve until y at x =1 Use the Numerical Made Easy app at TI89.com option F3 7 : After entering just press ENTER to view the solution: It is very easy to… (read more)

“Calculus Made Easy helps me better understand the process of solving equations, integrals and derivatives.”

Calculus Made Easy helps me better understand the process of solving equations, integrals and derivatives. It allows me to double check my work to ensure that I have the correct answer. It is a fantastic tool I highly recommend it for anyone taking a calculus course with a sub-par professor, or if you’re struggling with… (read more)

“Differential Equations Made Easy (TI-89) breaks down each step which really helps you understand the problem.

The Differential Equations Made Easy program saved me from hours of wasted studying. The program breaks down each step witch really helps you understand the problem. This also guarantees your answers are correct and gives you that peace of mind in Homework and beyond. The program itself is intuitive and easy to use. I opened… (read more)

Jacobian and Hessian Matrix using the TI89 in Calculus

Finding the Jacobian and Hessian Matrix using the TI89 is done with Calculus Made Easy from www.Ti89.com  navigating to the Multivariable Calculus menu under F6, then go to F3 to select Find Jacobian or Hessian. Check the screenshots below. To enter a vector-valued function use  [ , ]  notation to enter it on a TI89…. (read more)

Compute Mean, Mode, Median, Average, Standard Deviation, Range with a TI89 Calculator

Here is the quick way to find Mean, Mode, Median, Average, Standard Deviation, Variance, Range and more using the trusted TI89 : Just enter the list of numbers as shown in the image above. Press ENTER and Voila, all values are shown immediately. This is part of the comprehensive Statistics Made Easy app for the… (read more)

TI89 Titanium Cheat Sheets , Shortcut Keys, Custom Menus and Rename Programs

We have listed the following useful information at https://www.ti89.com/resources.php : TI89 Cheat Sheets Shortcut Keys Custom Menus Rename Programs This is a MUST KNOW for every savvy TI89 user: Learn how to use the TI89 efficiently by pressing the right buttons without searching. Did you know you can actually easily create you own custom menus… (read more)

How to Connect a Ti89 Calculator to Mac Computers using TI-Connect v4.1

Here is a proven way for those of you that struggle to connect your Ti89 calculator to a MAC computer. This is what you need to do to get connected: Uninstall TI Connect v4.0 if installed. Download and Install TI Connect version 4.1  : https://education.ti.com/ticonnect/ticonnectmac41 . Beware: this link immediately downloads the .dmg file to your… (read more)

Laplace Transform Information using TI89’s Differential Equations Made Easy

To find the Laplace Transform of a piecewise defined function , select Laplace Transform in the Main Menu, next select option3 “Piecewise defined function” in the dropdown menu as shown below: Next, enter the two pieces/functions as shown below. c is the breakpoint. 2) To SOLVE a Differential Equation using LaPlace Tranforms such as y”+2y’+y=0… (read more)

Not only are these apps a life saver but when, the costumer service was even more impressive

I downloaded linear algebra and the physics made easy apps and I love them both !!!!! They are incredibly user friendly and helped me a ton, I just got a 100 on my linear algebra test using this app! Not only are these apps a life saver but when I had a question regarding downloading… (read more)