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ti89 simult

The TI89 simult function allows to solve a system of equations simultaneously. Lets solve the following System of Equations using the TI-89s simult command: 1x+2y=3 3x+4y=7 We can see that x=1 and y=1 solves this system. Let the TI89 do it for us. Press CATALOG and press S to jump to simult( , press ENTER…. (read more)

How to do Proof by Induction on the TI89 using Finite Math Made Easy

How to solve these problem with the finite math app, I know there is a induction function but I’m typing in these wrong it seems. I attached a picture for reference. Answer:   to get That simple 😉

Algebra Made Easy for TI-Nspire CX CAS is now available at

Algebra Made Easy for TI-Nspire CX CAS is now available at – showing Step by Step solutions to all PreCalculus topics : -Step by Step Algebra -Step by Step Functions -Step by Step Sequences & Series -Step by Step Polynomials -Step by Step Exponential and Logarithmic functions -Step by Step Matrices & Vectors -Step… (read more)

Review of the TI89 App “Equation Solver Step by Step”

Customer review : The Equation Solver app is another beautiful program that I have used from made easy programs. Every problem from finding a domain to the difficult quadratic equation is spit out with step by step solutions and the correct answer. It only takes a second to input and boom the steps and… (read more)

TI89 UPDATE : Relation Analyzer added

How to type in factorial ?

For example n/n! to check for converging and diverging series . A: The factorial symbol ! on the TI89 can be found under CATALOG , which is where all symbols and commands can be found .