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Calculus Made Easy for TI-Nspire CX CAS available at

Calculus Made Easy for TI-Nspire CX CAS is now available at – showing Step by Step solutions to all Calculus I,II, III topics : -Step by Step Differentiation -Step by Step Integration -Step by Step Differential Equations -Step by Step Parametric Equations -Step by Step Polar Functions -Step by Step Multivariable Calculus -Step by… (read more)

Implicit Differentiation Calculator Step by Step

STEP BY STEP Implicit Differentiation with examples – Learn how to do it in either 4 Steps or in just 1 Step. A) You know how to find the derivatives of explicitly defined functions such as y=x^2 , y=sin(x) , y=1/x, etc . What if you are asked to find the derivative of x*y=1 ?… (read more)

Calculus Made Easy saves another student

Teachers teach using Calculus Made Easy

> I have used Calc Made Easy for several years as a calculus teacher. > I have experimented with other Apps on tablets and computers but I always find my self coming back to CME. > I think it is because it is easy to use and it covers so many different calculus topics. >… (read more)

Calculus made easy was a life saver

A customer survived Calculus and Integration because of using Calculus Made Easy: Calculus Made Easy was a life saver!!! A great learning tool in understanding complex integration. (R.S.)

Attention! Comprehensive Review on doing Integrals, Volume, Work, Series & ConvergenceTests using Calculus Made Easy

My name is Tex, and I had this wonderful app for my Calculus 2 class. If you’re in that class and want to know more about what this app can do, keep reading. Calculus 2 is broken up into three main categories: Integrals, Volume/Work related problems, and Summations. For Integrals, this app is unlike any… (read more)

Glowing Calculus Made Easy Review

“I bought the calculus app for the ti-89 and ever since then, using it made calculus 1 and 2 VERY easy for my homework, assignments, projects, quizzes, and exams. If there was any problems on trying to enter the solution on the calculator, they have a GREAT tech support waiting and most certainly willing to… (read more)

Evaluate Line Integral using Calculus Made Easy

How to Evaluate the following line integral, where C is the given curve. C y3ds, C: x = t3, y = t, 0 ≤ t ≤ 3 please follow this straightforward approach: 1) Select Vector Calculus under F6 2) F2 2 Line Integral and enter f=y^3 as integrand variables [x,y] Now lets enter the path… (read more)

Customer review of Calculus Made Easy

Calculus Made Easy is awesome, im taking Calc 1 right now and it helps a lot with derivatives and how to do it step by step! Makes it clearer how to use differentiation rules to obtain the right answers! Its also great that it does not just one, but a couple of laws and rules… (read more)