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Laplace Transform Information using TI89’s Differential Equations Made Easy

To find the Laplace Transform of a piecewise defined function , select Laplace Transform in the Main Menu, next select option3 “Piecewise defined function” in the dropdown menu as shown below: Next, enter the two pieces/functions as shown below. c is the breakpoint. 2) To SOLVE a Differential Equation using LaPlace Tranforms such as y”+2y’+y=0… (read more)

Love the TI89 Physics & Differential Equations Made Easy Apps PLUS: Outstanding Customer Service

I originally found the website by surfing the web trying to find ways to help with my physics class. After downloading my first app I loved it! Helped in so many ways especially when they do step by step. I downloaded my second app a year later taking my differential equation class. It easily… (read more)

How to enter this Bernoulli equation

Olumide Alege (@oalege87) 5/27/16, 12:00 AM @TiMathApps how do I input this bernoulli equ Answer: divide both sides by X to have dy/dx +y/X = 1/x*y^2. Now you see how to enter it. p(X)=1/x and q(X)=1/x n=-2 . got it?

Solving 2. order Vibrating Spring Differential Equation using the TI89

The shown spring problem can be solved using DEQME : F2 G enter w=9.81 (to make coeff=1) g=9.81 b=0 k=64 F=0 Hit ENTER about 7 times , Variation of Parameter will be used to solve, then you may enter your initial conditions x0=0 y(x0)=2/3 y'(x0)=-4/3 Voila!!

Solve 2. and 3. order Differential Equations using TI89

Using Differential Equations Made for the TI89 we enter the 3 problems as shown below. Screenshots show how the problems were entered and the solutions. Question 2) y”-2y+5y=0   y(0)=2  y'(0)=4 go to F2 2 and enter b=-2 and c=5 , x0=0, y(x0)=2 y,(x0)=4 Question 3) y”-3y+2y=6e^(-x)    y(0)=1 y'(0)=2 . go to F2 3 and… (read more)

Solve Differential Equation using LaPlace Transform with the TI89

Lets solve y”-4y’+5y=2e^t y(0)=3 , y'(0)=1 Go to F5 1 and enter the D.Eqn as shown in the image, just press enter and see how the solution is derived , nicely laid out, step by step using Differential Equations Made Easy.

How to solve a Bernoulli Equation using Differential Equations Made Easy with the TI 89

To solve x*(dy/dx) + y = 1/y^2 there are several options to do so. F1 G : Bernoulli or F1 A : Linear in y or F1 D: N*y’+M=0 , try them all to get the same solution in different ways. To use the F1 G : Bernoulli , first rewrite x*(dy/dx) + y =… (read more)

How to solve 1. order Differential Equations using Differential Equations Made Easy with a TI89

How to solve the 1. order Diff Eqn: (3y+2t-2)dt + (10y+3t-1) dy = 0 with y(-1)=2 Just replace every t by x and enter the D.E. and initial conditions under F1 C as shown. To view more steps on how to solve an exact Diff Eqn enter it under F1 6 . Voila!!

How to solve the y’-x^2*y=2x^2 using Differential Equation Made Easy

There are 2 ways to solve this Differential Equation: 1) Since it is linear in y use F1 : Linear in y enter P=-x^2 and Q=2x^3 press Enter . Using an Integration factor will yield the answer. 2) Rewriting it as y’=2x^2+x^2*y=x^2*(2+y) shows that the method of separating the variables will work as well, That… (read more)

Backwards Euler Method for 1. order Differential Equations