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How to solve 1. order Differential Equations using Differential Equations Made Easy with a TI89

How to solve the 1. order Diff Eqn: (3y+2t-2)dt + (10y+3t-1) dy = 0 with y(-1)=2 Just replace every t by x and enter the D.E. and initial conditions under F1 C as shown. To view more steps on how to solve an exact Diff Eqn enter it under F1 6 . Voila!!

How to solve the y’-x^2*y=2x^2 using Differential Equation Made Easy

There are 2 ways to solve this Differential Equation: 1) Since it is linear in y use F1 : Linear in y enter P=-x^2 and Q=2x^3 press Enter . Using an Integration factor will yield the answer. 2) Rewriting it as y’=2x^2+x^2*y=x^2*(2+y) shows that the method of separating the variables will work as well, That… (read more)

Backwards Euler Method for 1. order Differential Equations

TI89 : Backwards Euler Method for 1. order Differential Equations

Solve Cauchy Euler Differential Equation Step by Step on the TI89

2. Order Cauchy Euler Differential Equations are of the format x^2*y” + b*x*y’ + c*y=f(x) Homogeneous solutions are linear combinations of format c1*x^m1 + c2*x^m2 where m1 and m2 are zeros of a corresponding char. equation. Good news for TI89 users: This type of Differential Equation can now be solved step by step using Differential… (read more)

Solving 2nd order non-homogeneous Differential Equations step-by-step

Q: How can i solve the Differential Equations shown in images? A: There are different ways to solve the two 2nd order Differential Equations using Differential Equations Made Easy. First , to view the solution to #1 , select F2 3 (Non Homogeneous) and enter b=-8 c=17 g(x) = 34x+1 as the right side of… (read more)

Series Solutions to 2nd order Differential Equations

Q: I see a Series Solution under F2: 2nd order on the Differential Equations Made Easy app but how do i use it? I love the apps by the way, Thank you very much. Differential Equations Made Easy, Calculus Made Easy and a couple others have been extremely helpful.Thanks! A: Under F2 C you can… (read more)