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Excellent Customer Service

“I lost the code to my calculus made easy app. Recently went back to school, and their team helped me find the code that was purchased more than five years ago!!! Excellent customer service!!!!!!!!”

Students love the TI89 MADE EASY apps …read here why

The apps I have purchased from have been a tremendous help. I would not have passed some of my math classes without the help of these apps!!! Every single one that I have purchased has worked as advertised and I have absolutely no complaints. Thanks to everyone who is involved in providing these extremely… (read more)

Glowing Calculus Made Easy Review

“I bought the calculus app for the ti-89 and ever since then, using it made calculus 1 and 2 VERY easy for my homework, assignments, projects, quizzes, and exams. If there was any problems on trying to enter the solution on the calculator, they have a GREAT tech support waiting and most certainly willing to… (read more)

Customer review of Calculus Made Easy

Calculus Made Easy is awesome, im taking Calc 1 right now and it helps a lot with derivatives and how to do it step by step! Makes it clearer how to use differentiation rules to obtain the right answers! Its also great that it does not just one, but a couple of laws and rules… (read more)

Texas Instruments Calculator Review: TI 84, 83 or 89?