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The apps have helped tremendously. The ability to show the steps when solving has helped teach me to do them on my own. Also, the customer service has been top notch. Great products, great company.

TI89 made easy apps rival WolframAlpha apps

The apps are very well written, The automatic memory management, speed, and dialog boxes make for a painless experience. The Calculus Made Easy and Differential Equations Made Easy rival that of WolframAlpha in terms of ease of use and speed for specific mathematical and engineering purposes. – TI89 Made Easy Apps user Chris from Florida

Calculus made easy was a life saver

A customer survived Calculus and Integration because of using Calculus Made Easy: Calculus Made Easy was a life saver!!! A great learning tool in understanding complex integration. (R.S.)

How Engineering Students benefit from using the TI89 “Made Easy” Apps

The TI89s Made Easy APP’s make simple tasks such as chemical reactions or 2nd order Differentials a lot less time consuming. As a Bio-Materials Engineer I use the Thermo and Physics and Chemistry MADE EASY apps , they will provide you with the correct answers. Sometimes having re-assurance on exams makes all the difference in… (read more)

How Math Teachers and Students benefit from using the TI89s “Made Easy” Apps in After School Tutoring Program

I first used the programs to help me review for the Praxis 601 exam. This exam is required to become a certified High School Math teacher if you did not get your degree in education. Now that I am a teacher, I use the TI89 apps with my students in an after school tutoring program…. (read more)

Review for the app : Statistics Made Easy

Stats made easy made my stats class a breeze. I got all answers correct thanks to the stats program. I love the program and will try to impress on others that the money is worth every penny when you can get an A in the class. I got a 93% in my Stats class. Thank… (read more)

Evaluate Line Integral using Calculus Made Easy

How to Evaluate the following line integral, where C is the given curve. C y3ds, C: x = t3, y = t, 0 ≤ t ≤ 3 please follow this straightforward approach: 1) Select Vector Calculus under F6 2) F2 2 Line Integral and enter f=y^3 as integrand variables [x,y] Now lets enter the path… (read more)

How to solve Green’s Theorem on the Ti89

How do I solve belows Greens Theorem problem using Calculus Made Easy on the TI89 ? F · dr. C F(x, y) = y − cos y, x sin y , C is the circle (x − 6)2 + (y + 2)2 = 16 oriented clockwise ANSWER: Please do this: select F6 Vector Calculus ,… (read more)

Backwards Euler Method for 1. order Differential Equations

TI89 Update Thermodynamics Formulas