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How to solve Green’s Theorem on the Ti89

How do I solve belows Greens Theorem problem using Calculus Made Easy on the TI89 ? F ยท dr. C F(x, y) = y โˆ’ cos y, x sin y , C is the circle (x โˆ’ 6)2 + (y + 2)2 = 16 oriented clockwise ANSWER: Please do this: select F6 Vector Calculus ,… (read more)

Backwards Euler Method for 1. order Differential Equations

TI89 Update Thermodynamics Formulas

TI89 UPDATE : Relation Analyzer added

Trigonalisation on the TI89 step by step

Trigonalisation can be done step by step on the TI89 using the LInear Algebra Made Easy at For further information and examples:

User comment (M.B.): Just want to thank you for the fabulous programs for Statistics

Stats made easy made my stats class a breeze. I got all answers correct thanks to the stats program. I love the program and will try to impress on others that the money is worth every penny when you can get an A in the class. I got a 93% in my Stats class. Thank… (read more)

How to compute curl on the ti89

Q: How do you use the vector module in Calculus made Easy to find the curl? A: in Calculus Made easy select vector calculus under F6. Then select curl under F1 5 Enter a 3d vector function such as [x,x^4*y,x*y*z] Select Cartesian coordinates as you are using those. Press Enter to curl. Easy.

Youtube Video on : How-to Transfer an APP to the TI89 calculator