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User comment (M.B.): Just want to thank you for the fabulous programs for Statistics

Stats made easy made my stats class a breeze. I got all answers correct thanks to the stats program. I love the program and will try to impress on others that the money is worth every penny when you can get an A in the class. I got a 93% in my Stats class. Thank… (read more)


Weekly Giveaway Puzzle (6-3-15)

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY PUZZLE (6-3-15): First correctly explained solution wins a FREE APP OF YOUR CHOICE!! IF WXYZ*T=ZYXW What are X,Y,W,Z,T when they are different digits ? Email us at:

Weekly Giveaway Puzzle : TI89 MATH APP

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY PUZZLE to win a FREE TI 89 MATH APP OF YOUR CHOICE!! Ahead of a big celebration, a king receives a delivery of 1,000 bottles of beer. But there is a slight problem: one of the bottles has been poisoned. The bad beer is indistinguishable in every way, except that it causes food… (read more)

Youtube Video on : How-to Transfer an APP to the TI89 calculator

Win free TI89 Made Easy APPS

NEW on Follow us on Twitter, Meet us on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pin us Pinterest Our Blog is at , you can CHAT with us any time , and call for advise if you wish. Get social with us, more updates will be coming soon. In the mean time, check on the top… (read more)

Step by Step Unit Converter

Run TI89 apps on Android phones

Our TI 89 apps run wonderfully on Android cell phones. Your android TI89 app need their own activation keys. Please check for the calc ID under F1 -> About. Only the paid Ti89 emulator comes with an ID which is needed to run our TI 89 made easy apps.