Conic Sections, Differential Geometry , Complex Analysis for the TI89 – Testimonial

I’ve been waiting to get the nspire, and now I really have no reason to keep waiting. I felt that the 89 with your apps was the way to go, your apps are great, I have 10 of them.

I love complex analysis, it’s one of my favorites. I will get the nspire soon and then I will obviously be purchasing your apps again.

Something that would complete the square and accept equations with 3 variables and then graph it in the nspire. This would be amazing, then also if it could graph a vector value function (vector curve),

The Diff Geometry app that came with complex analysis is very powerful. To be able to find the “TNB” so quickly is unbelievable as well as the Curvature and Torsion,

So I just finished Cal 3 and Physic 1 Cal based, and with my professors allowing me to use my 89, I feel unstoppable with your apps and my 89.

Because the 89 is limited (it’s ram/ memory charts low compared to the standard of today) it is really exciting to have your apps on the ti-nspire I must say.

I will purchase the following apps as soon as I get an nspire:

-Calculus Made Easy
-Differential Equations Made Easy
-Algebra Made Easy

It would be great to also have
-Complex Analysis Made Easy (with Diff. Geometry module)
-Physics Made Easy
-Physics Made Easy with Calculus

Your apps are the best and I really appreciate your customer support.


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