Finding sequence formulas and convergent/divergent sums

How do I do problems like finding the sequences formula or sums of convergent (OR IF IT DIVERSES)?

Both problems can be solved using the Sequence and Series module in Calculus Made Easy using your trusty TI 89 . The Sequence Formula Finder under F1 4 will find formulas for geometric and arithmetic sequences. You enter the first 4 terms of a sequence and voila you get the formula. To then find the sum , just go to F2 C and enter the nth term of the series to get a number (converges) or infinity (diverges) . That simple. Recall that you have the All-in-One Convergence Tester under F2 7 that will perform the tests of convergence such as nth term test, geometric series test , integral test , alternating series test, ratio test AUTOMATICALLY. Best of all : all steps are shown . A true blessing.

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