How Engineering Students benefit from using the TI89 “Made Easy” Apps

The TI89s Made Easy APP’s make simple tasks such as chemical reactions or 2nd order Differentials a lot less time consuming.

As a Bio-Materials Engineer I use the Thermo and Physics and Chemistry MADE EASY apps , they will provide you with the correct answers.

Sometimes having re-assurance on exams makes all the difference in the world between in a 3.25 and 4.0 GPA.

By utilizing these APP’s there is no doubt. When I hand in my exams I know I haven’t left anything on the table, forgot my units on a problem or misplaced a decimal. I know for sure my answers are correct.

This will also be the case when I walk out of an interview room, I will leave no doubt who the best candidate for the job will be.

So I consider these APP’s just as much a part of my future as the $12,000 tuition bill every semester.

So that is why they are special, to me anyway.

I think the APPs are “amazing.”

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