Solving 2nd order non-homogeneous Differential Equations step-by-step

Q: How can i solve the Differential Equations shown in images?

A: There are different ways to solve the two 2nd order Differential Equations using Differential Equations Made Easy. First , to view the solution to #1 , select F2 3 (Non Homogeneous) and enter b=-8
g(x) = 34x+1 as the right side of the D.E. Press Enter to view the general solution.

Depending on the right side, you can select methods such as Undetermined Coefficients or Variation of Parameter , both under F2, to view steps.
Since the right side in #1 is linear , Undetermined Coeffients is a great way to solve . Reenter the same way as above and you will get step-by-step solutions. Similarly, when using Variation of Parameter.

#2 can be solved in the same fashion as #1

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