The support I get from has been phenomenal !!!!

I initially found through the website because I was looking for an app which could help me understand Calculus equation better.

I initially bought the Calculus made easy 2 years ago and was just very fascinated how much this app helped me understand calculus problems better. If it wouldn’t have been for Calculus Made Easy I probably would have never passed Calculus I and II. Everything was very detailed and laid out in steps which makes it easy to follow.

Now several years later I own 5 of the TI89 apps apps made easy and I couldn’t be happier.

Statistics & Probability has been one of the hardest classes so far for me and I wished I would have bought the app sooner because it definitely helps seeing the equations before solving it.

The support I get from has been phenomenal and I am never left in the dark with help in regards to questions.

Thanks so much for the support and developing this app because if it wouldn’t have been for I probably would have struggled through most of my math studies.


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