User comment (M.B.): Just want to thank you for the fabulous programs for Statistics

Stats made easy made my stats class a breeze. I got all answers correct thanks to the stats program. I love the program and will try to impress on others that the money is worth every penny when you can get an A in the class. I got a 93% in my Stats class. Thank You so much again. Now I am going to purchase three more programs, Microeconomics, Financial and Accounting, and Portfolio, this summer, next month for my major classes. I will buy them early and learn how to use them over the summer then I will be ready for next semester just as I did with the Stats program. I worked all winter term to learn how to work the program and aced the class. This is the only draw back to the programs is not precise user guides to show you how to use the programs, you have to figure that out yourself [ comment: “Please check the user video at . More will be added if needed.”] . But, once you have figured out the process, you are on your way. Keep up the great work. I am so, so glad that your programs came my way by me asking the right question on google!!!!

Satisfied Purchaser of Stats made easy
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